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Single Page Websites



A single page website may be your best option


It will give your business better ongoing coverage than a half page advertisement in a newspaper — at a fraction of the cost — and it won’t expire at the end of the day!

It has become necessary for most businesses to have an Internet address.

Some need it as a marketing brochure to save the expense of printing and mailing. Some strategically need a website because their competitors have one. They can put their Internet address (URL) on their business cards so that prospective clients can refer to it for business information details.

Not everybody needs a website, but with telecommuting, not everybody needs an office either.  However, if you need to go a step further than the plain old business card and don’t want to go to the expense of getting coloured brochures printed,then a single web page will be a good option.

One page websites can be created from around $800 including search engine registrations.

NB. All prices include GST and are in Australian dollars.