Overview & Prices


A good way of identifying yourself or your business on the Internet is by registering your own Domain Name.

Domain Name pricing varies according to type. Most Australian businesses operating exclusively within Australia will need to register a .com.au domain name.

International domain names are available for those people or businesses operating internationally or just targeting international markets:

Prices for other countries are available upon application.

All prices include GST and are in Australian dollars.


Why register a domain name?

What type of domain name would be best?

What are the rules governing domain names?

I’ve already got a domain name. How can I take advantage of these prices?


Why register a domain name?

Registering a domain name is a good way of identifying yourself, your organisation or your business on the Internet. It also stops other people from registering your name as their own and thus protects your business interests.

Some Search Engines or directories won’t list you if you don’t have your own domain name.


What type of domain name would be best?

Most Australian businesses operating exclusively within Australia will need to register a .com.au or .net.au domain name.

Organisations/Associations within Australia should register a .org.au or .asn.au domain name.

Educational institutions should use .edu.au and government .gov.au

Private individuals may register .id.au for email forwarding and personal websites.

Businesses and organisations operating internationally or targeting international markets only should consider .com, .net, .org, .biz, or .info.

Anyone may register a .name domain name. This is used in the format joe@bloggs.name and is used only for email forwarding to your existing email box. It gives you one email address for life so you don’t have the problem of changing your email address with companies, acquaintances, on cards, stationery etc. whenever you change service providers.


What are the rules governing domain names?

.com.au domain names

The domain name for your general website must be derived from a business name or a legal trading name. If you cannot derive the domain name from your business name directly, you should set up a trading name to allow you to use your companies ABN to conform to this restriction. The web site at http://www.abr.gov.au/ provides information and a simple form to facilitate this.

for registration we will request an ABN, ACN or RBN and the company or business name associated with the particular ABN, ACN or RBN

you can use either your complete company name, or an abbreviation but the domain name derived from the characters contained in the commercial name or a trading name are given preference the name must be between 2 and 63 characters in length hyphens may be used to separate words Australian place names or their common abbreviations are allowed but must be ordered as package of all variations of the same place name.commercial categories or sectors. i.e. generic names are generally not allowed.you cannot use offensive or obscene words or names.


Alternative rule

Businesses may register domain names for their directly associated products or specialty sites instead of using a derivation of their business name.

.com, .net, .org, .info Domain Names
Only a few rules must be followed when registering these domain names:

Your domain name must always begin and end with either a letter or number.
Your domain name may not exceed 63 characters. This does not include the .com, .net or .org etc. extension at the end.
Hyphens are the only acceptable non-letter/number character to include in your domain name. Other characters, such as exclaimation marks and underscores, are not permitted.

Note: domain names are not case sensitive.


I’ve already got a domain name. How can I take advantage of your prices?

Simply by transferring your domain name to our registrar, TPP Internet.

All you need to do is fill out the transfer form and we’ll do the rest. It doesn’t matter if your domain name has just been registered or is due for renewal it costs you nothing to transfer .au or .nz domain names. The big advantage to you is that, unlike most service providers, we don’t charge management fees or delegation fees on top of the registration fees.